BergaMint Oil


BergaMint Oil, or Bergamot Mint Oil, is distilled from the leaves of the Mentha citrata perennial. cultivated in green fields found in the Indian countryside. With its minty and tangy scent, bergamot mint can be rejuvenating.

This oil supports the digestive, respiratory, and nervous system. Bergamot mint oil is one of the key best single essential oils for aromatherapy. It eases unwanted muscle spasms and boost the immune system. It has anti-inflammatory effects on the skin when it’s used topically. Bergamot mint oil can nourish hair, it helps to stimulate the scalp.

Bergamot Mint Oil can invigorate the mind. Its sweet, stimulating aroma can be used to evoke a sense of concentration and positive attitude.

 Certificate of Analysis (COA)