Black Pepper Oil


Black Pepper Oil is steam distilled from sun-dried peppercorn fruit of the Piper nigrum flowering vine growing in India. Black Pepper Oil has a fine aromatic profile of rich, energizing spice.

Black Pepper Oil has also long been renowned for clearing the breath channels during periods of wintry or seasonal challenge, and when blended with other oils is fantastic for diffusing to clear of heavy congestion. Because it is also known to support healthy circulation, it can be used to promote general skin health.

This oil is perfect for adding warmth and energy to aromatherapy formulations. It can be used to relieve anxiety. Additionally, this spicy essential oil is said to encourage a romantic mood, and is widely regarded for its aphrodisiac properties, particularly when blended with other essential oils. Studies also show that incorporating Black Pepper Oil into blends is a promising, natural way to help manage symptoms of withdrawal when one is trying to stop smoking.

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