Squalene Oil


Squalene Oil is a component of human sebum, helps lubricate and moisturize skin and scalp while acting as a natural guard against external irritants and pollutants and depletes as one ages. Olive Squalene Oil is a lightweight, transparent, tasteless, and odorless liquid that reflects the Squalene component of human sebum. It is light and easily absorbed, leaving skin silky and smooth. It is also less prone to oxidization which improves the stability and shelf life for commercial applications.

It is a luxurious emollient used in a wide variety of personal care and cosmetic formulations with unique chemical and physical characteristics, along with beautifying properties for skin, hair, nails and lips. Currently it is extensively incorporated into personal care products such as emollients, facial creams and serums, hair conditioners and oils, lip moisturizers, cuticle creams, sunscreens, and other dermatological products for inflammatory conditions such as eczema.